Order 'pipe' license(s)

The plugin is licensed per server. To enforce this draconian restriction, we ask you for the name(s) of your Sybase server(s) and make the plugins very difficult to get to work on any other install. This also means, that should you rename your server, you'll need to buy a new plugin-license...

Sybpipe is available for a variety of hardware and OS platforms — choose carefully. Once a licensed plugin is downloaded by you, it can not be revoked, so be careful with the server names and platforms...

If your platform is not yet listed — you are in luck! If we use your computer system (needs to have a C-compiler and be reachable via ssh) to build the software for that platform, you'll receive THREE FREE LICENSES for your servers... Contact us now to make it happen!

We are sorry, but this ordering form is known to be broken with most Konqueror versions. The problem is being worked on. Meanwhile, please, use Firefox or some other browser to place your order.

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Fill out the form below — be sure to click on the checkbox to include the server in the list.


As soon as we receive your payment, you will be taken to the download page (the URL will also be e-mailed to you).